Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Ah the reality check!

Week 4 of Couch to 5k is not working so smoothly as previous weeks--damn shin splints. So while I'm not strictly following week 4, I am still running more than week 3. Hopefully I can try week 4 next week. This, of course, puts me off track for running a complete 5K in October. However I think that I can still do the 5K, there just may be more walking involved than previously thought. So while this bothered me when I first thought about it, a friend pointed out to me that at least I'm attempting a 5K, WHEN had I ever even thought about doing something like that? Uh....NEVER! And in discussing my shin splints while eating lunch in the staff room today, some people decided to share their 2 cents that running is evil--too hard on the body. Well maybe, and if it comes down to running or never walking again, I'll stop but I haven't experienced the "high" from any other exercise regime that I get from running.

I'm back to work, teaching high school math. I love it! My daycare situation may be changing later so I'll have to start working out again afterwork, not something I'm looking forward to :( We'll see what happens....

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Alli said...

4 weeks of stickgin witht he program is defintiely something you should be proud of girl.
Hope you have a good class this year. B is happy his math class (he teaches math and science) is in the morning this year. Mabye the kids will actually pay attention long enough to learn something!