Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Ok so I have thought a lot about my eating habits in the last little bit as I read other blogs. One blogger described that she didn't realize she was a binge eater until she had lost a significant amount of weight and "caught" herself eating an entire sleeve of cookies on a rainy Saturday afternoon. As I read that, I realized that it was ME. I am so good with my eating through the week--healthiest breakfasts and lunches at work, HANDS DOWN! However come the weekend, all I want is cookies for breakfast, which means 1/2 a package, a whole container of Ben & Jerry's for lunch, 1/2 a veggie platter for supper with a whack of cheese. WHY? Partly I think it's because I miss my husband so much on the weekends when there is no work/routine to structure my day, so I eat to fill this void. How do I avoid this? I know if I get out the house with the kids, that helps, but I want to stay home and enjoy the time with my kids. How do I stop feeding myself so that I don't feel? A food journal? Thoughts...I'm really open to suggestions.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Smiles :~)

Ok so today I am down 1.5 lbs--soo soo happy that the scale is unstuck! Thanks to everyone for their words of advice on how to move the scale. As a reward I went out tonight and bought new pants in size 20! I have not worn a size 20 since my first year of university 15 years ago! Wow...I feel about old writing that...anyways I was going to work 2 days ago and my pants kept slipping down to my hips. That night I came home and tried on every pair of dress pants I have and I realized that many were too big and made me feel fat because they were so loose in the bum and thigh area. So even though when I was trying on size 20 pants tonight, they felt tight to me, it was because I am so use to wearing clothes that are too big and now is the time to find clothes that fit appropriately. Anways I'm a bit more motivated to stick on my healthy eating routine through the weekend (always my toughest time).